Blast off for adventure in this addictive free-to-play game! Fly through challenging levels, dodge enemies and obstacles and score awesome power ups! Connect with Tango to play with friends to see who's the ultimate Jetpack Jinx superstar!

Play for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch,
iPad or Android phone or tablet.

"The perfect climbing game. Period."
-iPhone App Review

"This freemium tilt and jump game is crazy fun, and fans of the genre will have a hard time putting it down for long."
-148 Apps

"Jetpack Jinx is a remarkably well-made, clever twist on a familiar genre."
-GGS Gamer

"It packs in some nice graphics, immediately familiar gameplay and excellent sound effects."
-Android Gamer

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What is Jetpack Jinx?

Jetpack Jinx is a fast, fun and zany game from Bubble Gum Interactive. The mischievous alien Jinx has fallen from Lord Shadowbot's space pirate ship to a mysterious planet below.

What devices are supported?

For Apple, Jetpack Jinx supports iOS version 4.3 or later on the following models:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. iPhone 4S
  3. iPhone 5
  4. iPad 2 or later
  5. iPad Mini

For Android, Jetpack Jinx will run on devices which fill the following criteria:

  1. Run on Android OS 2.2 or higher
  2. Support a 320x480 resolution or higher

How do I update Jetpack Jinx?

When an update is available, your mobile device will prompt you with notifications depending on your device and push notification settings.

When will the next update be?

We regularly update Jetpack Jinx with new features, challenges and surprises. When these happen, you'll see a notification on your mobile phone or tablet depending on your settings. We also share news about Jetpack Jinx via our Facebook Page and Twitter Page:

  1. Facebook:
  2. Twitter:

Does Jetpack Jinx have access to my contact information?

Jetpack Jinx only collects your name and your Tango Friends' name information. Jetpack Jinx does not collect any additional information.

Tango may collect additional information. Please refer to Tango Privacy Policy for more details.

How do I restrict in-app purchases?

Your mobile device provides controls to restrict in-app purchases including restriction locks and password prompts.

For more information, please refer to your mobile device user manuals and support services.

Additional information on in-app purchase controls is available here:


How do I play Jetpack Jinx?

Jetpack Jinx is a fun, tilt-based climbing game.

To move Jinx, simply tilt your mobile device left or right to move Jinx. You can wrap around the edge of one screen to appear on the opposite edge.

To keep moving, Jinx must gobble up gems and crystals. The more he gobbles, the higher he soars!

How do I earn coins?

As you play the game, you'll gobble up gems and crystals. At the end of each flight, these are converted into coins. You'll receive bonus coins if you have purchased the Gem Generator.

You may also purchase coin packs via in-app purchases.

What's at the shop?

The shop provides many special items including boosts, power-ups, gear for Jetpack Jinx and sidekick pets.

You may purchase items at the shop using in-game currency known as coins. If you need more coins, play more levels or complete Daily Deeds and Missions. You can also purchase coin packs as an in-app purchase.

What are Missions?

Missions are a fun way to play Jetpack Jinx and unlock surprise gifts and rewards. Missions involve completing different steps and activities.

What are Daily Deeds?

Daily Deeds are a fun way to play Jetpack Jinx and score awesome bonus coins.

Every day you play, there will be a new Daily Deed challenge to complete. You'll need to rescue lost aliens as you fly through the game. If you rescue all the missing aliens for that day, you'll receive the Daily Deeds rewards.

This level is impossible!! Any advice?

Remember, practice makes perfect. Why not try using a boost or power up?

What is emergency fuel?

When Jinx starts to fall, you'll have an opportunity to use emergency fuel reserves to keep flying higher.

If you have emergency fuel reserves and you tap the button, Jinx will be boosted back into action.

If you don't want to use emergency fuel you can tap anywhere else on the screen to close the countdown, or wait for the countdown to finish.

How do I get more fuel?

You can purchase more emergency fuel via an in-app purchase.

This can be done from the Jetpack Jinx Shop or if you try to use emergency fuel during a flight when you don't have any fuel reserves left.

You can also get emergency fuel by inviting friends and might find it in surprise boxes along the way too!

Jetpack Jinx for Tango

Do I need a Tango account to play Jetpack Jinx for Tango?

You can play a demo mode of Jetpack Jinx for Tango without needing a Tango account.

To enjoy the full game experience, you will need to install Tango on your mobile device and be logged in to Tango via an internet connection to play.

How do I invite my Tango friends?

To invite your Tango friends, simply click on the FRIENDS button and then click on INVITE FRIENDS!

Choose which friends you wish to invite and click in the tick box; then click send invites.

For every friend that you invite you'll earn one emergency fuel cell. You can only invite each friend once.

How do I play with my Tango friends?

Once you have connected to Tango, you may invite your friends to play against each other.

As you play Jetpack Jinx, your scores and progress will be recorded. You'll see markers in flight as you pass by your friends' high scores.

You may also check out the leaderboard to see who is the best Jetpack Jinx superstar! If you outperform your friends you'll be able to cash in your rank and earn bonus coins.

Remember, the more friends that play Jetpack Jinx, the more fun you'll have!

If I connect to Tango, will you post updates to my wall or spam my friends?

No. Jetpack Jinx will only post a message on your behalf when you invite a friend if you choose.


Jetpack Jinx has downloaded but it won't install!

Make sure there's enough space to play the game on your phone memory. Make sure you have a strong wireless connection when downloading the game. Ideally, use WiFi while downloading and installing.

Check that your SD card is not mounted via USB, because the game can't be installed that way. Try installing directly to your phone's memory.

Jetpack Jinx isn't working! What can I do?

Please check the device specifications to ensure Jetpack Jinx is compatible with your device.

In most instances when Jinx is not working, it is because the device does not have any enough memory or can't process the graphics.

To resolve this, please try:

  1. Having as much free space on your phone as possible
  2. Not multitasking/running lots of programs at once
  3. Updating your phone to the latest Android/iOS version
  4. Having a WiFi connection when updating Jetpack Jinx
  5. Restarting your phone
  6. Making sure you're not on low battery

For further assistance, please email Jetpack Jinx

The game crashes! What do I do?

Game crashes, loading and freezing errors are generally caused by memory issues on your device. You should also close any applications that you are not using which may be running in the background.

If this does not help, a simple way to resolve this issue is to restart your device. This will clear the device cache (memory) and should mean less crashes.

For further assistance, please email Jetpack Jinx

Google Play says I'm using the wrong email. What can I do?

This can sometimes happen if you're signed in with a different account on and a different one on your device. Check Menu, Settings, Accounts & Sync and double check that they're the same email.

You can read more detailed instructions at the Google Play store here:

Can I transfer my game progress between devices?

This depends. For iOS devices, you may be able to transfer between iOS devices using the same Tango ID.

For Google devices, your Tango account can only be used on one device at a time. Therefore, you will not be able to transfer your game progress to another device.

Help! I deleted Jetpack Jinx or reformatted my phone. What happens to my progress?

Your game progress data is stored by your mobile device with some information being stored against your mobile account and your Tango account.

Items such as the Gem Generator are recorded on your iTunes or Google Play account so you will be able to restore these in the event that your game is deleted from your mobile device.

Game progress such as high scores, levels reached and record altitude are recorded to your Tango account so even if Jetpack Jinx is deleted on your mobile device, the data will still be stored on our end. Once you re-install and re-connect with Tango, this data will be updated.

Items purchased using coins are not recoverable.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to play Jetpack Jinx?

Yes, Jetpack Jinx requires an internet connection to play.

You can play Jetpack Jinx in demo mode when you are not connected to the internet.